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Thinking about studying in the United States?

Hear why these international students chose American University and what their experience is like so far.

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Ahmed, Pakistan

Major: Data Science

"I would highly encourage and recommend all students across the globe to join this diverse and unique community at American University and be a part of it."

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Aruzhan, Kazakhstan

Major: Biology

“Probably my biggest dream is to become a doctor. I want to help people, that’s why I’m here.”

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Melanie, Ecuador

Major: International Business

“I have the opportunity here to get to know people who are also international. I feel really lucky because we understand each other, our situations, and scenarios. We’re far away from home without our families, but I’m so glad that I met this group of people [...] sometimes we even teach each other our languages, so it’s a great culture exchange.”

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Andre, El Salvador

Intended Major: Business Administration and Management

“I was applying to American University, and they gave me the option of American Access. It fit perfectly because I wasn’t so sure what I wanted to study, so it gave me the flexibility [...] I’ve decided to study business because I’ve learned from personal experience that I actually love to manage and create things. I would love to have an international company, and be able to go around the world.”

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Mateo, Colombia

Intended Major: Economics and Econometrics

“I love the campus, it’s beautiful. I really like the quad and the facilities. After class, I like hanging around with my friends [...] We all live on the same floor. We help each other a lot, and support others when they need it. I even got to teach two other Access students how to cook!”

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Aaron, China

Major: Business

“Before I came to American University, I thought I would only be with Chinese students, but with this program I made a lot of friends that come from different countries. We live together and communicate [...] the culture here is diverse.”

“I came to American University for several reasons. Washington D.C. is a great city. There are a lot of opportunities for finding an internship, communicating with native speakers, and lots of academic resources, while appreciating great beauty and museums.”

Kevin, China
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